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Back to the basics

“My name is Amberlyn, Owner of The Trendy Goddess. I started this holistic path to help my son get relief from his severe eczema. When all the doctor’s solutions were not working, I decided to get back to the basics and see if nature could help. I studied and researched until I finally crafted an all natural oil that helped him! We started seeing results the next day! We never looked back! Start this journey back to natural beauty and holistic wellness with me!”

Why choose our products?
We craft all natural beauty and wellness products directly from Mother Earth. We never use harsh chemicals or dyes to ensure we provide the best quality products that wont harm your skin. So many products on the market claim to be all natural, but in fact, they contain ingredients that are harmful and provide zero benefits! Beauty and wellness products are used and ingested daily. Take control of what you put in and on your body and stop guessing what's in your products. Switch to an all natural routine today! Make sure to do a patch test on skin prior to major application to prevent any type of reaction. All natural products are typically safe, but we are all different, which means certain ingredients will react differently to every person. Also please SHAKE your products every time prior to use. 

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The Magic of Natural Beauty 

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