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Honey and Coffee Facial Scrub

Honey and Coffee Facial Scrub

This face mask is amazing! Made with ALL natural ingredients and for ALL skin types - it leaves your face feeling new, clean, and clear. The honey, tea tree oil and lemon essential oils clear out dirt from your pores and improve your skins elasticity while controlling breaks outs. The coffee provides an exfoliant to aid the other ingredients in cleaning and restoring your skins natural beauty. 

  • Directions

    Wash face and pat dry with a towel. Apply face mask evenly on entire face. Then wait 15 mins and gently scrub your face then rinse with warm water.

  • Ingredients

    • Organic coffee 
    • Local natural honey 
    • Aloe
    • Tea tree oil 
    • Raw cane sugar 
4 Ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
The Magic of Natural Beauty 

     The Trendy Goddess LLC

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